I realize that I pretty much vanished for almost a year now since my previous post. My apologies if you missed me. Last year took a turn for the crazy when I left Montserrat to work in Washington DC for a few months. In relation to dance, it was wonderful experience to be there. I took as many classes as possible, and the best classes I could afford. It was amazing to practice with other dedicated adult students. I was challenged like never before, sometimes to my breaking point. Somehow, this only managed to increase my confidence. I figure that only a true dancer would endure that sort of physical torture and come back for more. My return to Montserrat was almost as demanding my departure, but I have readjusted to island living now- (well almost:-) I continue my practice, applying all the useful pointers I learned in the city.

Dance aside, life has provided so many fascinating areas of discovery that I have decided to reformat my blog to better express my varied interests. They are thrown loosely into three categories; lifestyle, dance and beauty.  However, I follow the inspiration where it leads! One major source of inspiration at present is my jewelry project. My new Volcanic Gems shop here at Lightwaves carries a line of pendant necklaces made from volcanic ash. The ash used to make these necklaces comes from our neighborhood volcano here in Montserrat, the Soufrière Hills Volcano. I am proud to say my jewelry is very unique, possibly the first of its kind, and it is made sustainably right here in Montserrat. Check out my volcanic ash pendants. I can’t wait to tell you more about this project, so with a good wind, I am sure to post again soon. It’s so nice to be back!


Nat Returns: An Update

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