It has been too long, but I am finally back. Happy New Year to all! The last months of 2015 were crazy. There was so much happening that blogging became utterly impossible. My dancing has been going well though. I stuck to my regimen through most of the madness. The end of last year was full of revelations. One of the best of these was an increased awareness of how important dance is to me. In brief, it keeps me grounded and happy. I have been thinking hard on how to share more of that goodness with the world around me. In the end I could only conclude that I should do what feels natural to me, one step at a time. Freestyle! My general attitude to my dance practice and blogging this year will be one of “freestyling”. I will intuitively let the music of life tell me what to do. Exciting no?

However, since dance is a discipline, I do have to set some goals. Last year, I was working on healing my hamstrings, increasing the height of my extensions, double pirouettes, some choreography. I targeted specific weak muscles for strengthening, such as my lower back muscles and my hip flexors. I plan to continue with this approach, because it seems to actually be working. Now that my hamstrings are much better, I am working on increasing range of motion in both hamstrings and hip flexors. (I must have THE tightest hip flexors Ever!) Thankfully, I have learned a lot from trial and error about stretching techniques that work for my body. So armed with this knowledge I am going to tackle these hip flexors, make them good and well…flexy! And about the choreography? I plan to continue development of the choreography from last year, and get some new projects going. Its so exciting to think of the possibilities. I am not sure what the year will bring in dance and I can’t wait to find out!

Freestyle for 2016

Happy to hear your views. Do share!