Many of us are strong advocates of positive thinking. We tell ourselves and others, “Think positive!” Look on the bright side! Is your cup half empty or half full?”

Yet, most of us relate to how difficult it can be sometimes to maintain a sunny perspective on life. The key word here is maintain. It is one thing to be positive in a given situation, or just for a short period- and another thing altogether to cultivate a positive attitude, which enables one to think positive thoughts as a rule.

Let’s say I am walking down the street and I meet an acquaintance who appears to completely ignore me. My first thoughts can be very revealing. I might think for example, “This person is so typical of all the pretentious people in my town.” Or on the other hand, I might think, “She did not recognize me! It must be my fabulous new hair do!” I believe that people can learn to be positive with consistent practice. This is the precursor to POSITIVE LIVING, which opens doors of opportunity and makes life happier.

I also believe positive thinking is a discipline like any other to be steadily pursued until one gains mastery.  It does not always come naturally or easily. It takes work! I am working on mastering the art of positive thinking in order to unleash my potential and accomplish amazing things. It has been an awesome journey to this point, and I am convinced that there is much more to come.





Positive Living
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